Campaign Platform

I am excited by the opportunity to share the things that I deem important to continue the high quality of law enforcement our citizens have grown accustommed to. With your support and assistance, I have no doubt that I will be the type of Sheriff you are proud to call your own. 



We will bridge the communication gap between law enforcement and the community through programs designed to foster the insight of our citizens. We will accomplish this by creating a platform for our citizens and law enforcement to discuss and work out their differences, while strenghtening their simularities.

We will unify the resources and manpower of our county agencies to combat the rising drug and gang problems that have the potential of wreaking havoc on our community. 

We will build a strong relationship with the law enforcement agencies in our surrrounding counties and throughout the state to better fight crimes that originate in and spill out beyond our county lines.


We will build a strong relationship with the citizens of Henry County by continuing current programs and creating new programs to educate the citizens on the functions of law enfrocement, as well as, provide them with the information needed to participate in the security of our community.

We will partner with the law enforcement agencies in our county to procure the resources needed to independently handle any major crisis that may occur in our county.

We will find new and innovative ways to recruit, train and retain the manpower needed to protect our community now and into the future.

We will establish partnerships with the court system and school board to provide educational and restorative programs for nonviolent offenders, first-time offenders and juvenile offenders.

We will become an agency that reflects the diversity of our growing county.


We will be fiscally responsible and honest about the use of the funds trusted to our agency by the citizens of Henry County to accomplish our mission.

We will remain open and honest about situations – whether good or bad - that may be occuring in our office, as well as, our community.

We will be honest about disciplinary actions taken against our employees who violate the rights and trust of our citizens and their oath of office.