I am honored at the possibility of being the next Sheriff of Henry County. During my 25 years of working in law enforcement, I have been blessed to have served under and led by a host of great leaders.  These community servants have served our great country with honor and integrity, and have helped to shape my vision and who I am. I’d like to thank a few people who have helped inspire and mentor to me reach the position of running for such a prestigious and honorable position as Sheriff.

Thank you to my late father, Willie S. Wilson, who would put his patrol hat on my head when I was a child and tell me how important it was to treat every citizen with love and respect. He would tell me “everyone has something that they are going through and as a police officer, you may be the only positive contact that they have”. On some Saturdays after getting a haircut, he would take me to the park, where we would buy food for the homeless men and women at the park, and then have lunch with them.  He always said, “the food is not what’s important, but it’s the time you spend that makes the difference. You can always find food, but it’s hard to find someone that cares”.

I also would like to thank our current Sheriff, Keith McBrayer, whose love for Henry County goes without question. Sheriff McBrayer showed me the importance of community outreach, as well as, the importance of being a good and honorable man. In the current political climate, Sheriff McBrayer has stood by his morals and served our great county with honor and integrity. I look forward to building on the solid foundation that he has established.

Last, but definitely not least, I would like to thank my brother, my friend and my mentor, long-time Superior Court Judge, Wade Crumbley. Judge Crumbley has been there for me when times were hard and has always had a word of encouragement to get me back on track.  Through countless hours of conversation and numerous debates, Judge Crumbley has motivated me to be the best man I can be for my family, my friends and the law enforcement community of Henry County. One of the lessons I have learned from watching Judge Crumbley preside over thousands of people in the courtroom is the way he always treats everyone with respect, regardless of if they are wearing a business suit or prison jumpsuit.

These leaders and countless others have been the guiding light for my vision for the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. In today’s climate, it is important to think outside of the box and find new and innovative ways to approach law enforcement. It is going to take a unified effort from every law enforcement agency in the county to secure our future safety and take our county to the next level. I have had the privilege to have worked in law enforcement on every level in Henry County and have developed relationships that will ensure a united approach to our law enforcement needs.

It is imperative that our deputies build a strong relationship with the community that we have sworn to serve. This is accomplished by not only driving through our neighborhoods, but by getting out of our vehicles and getting to know our citizens on a personal level. The best way to earn a person’s trust is to shake their hand, learn their name, and share their passion and concern for the safety of our county.  We must arm our citizens with the knowledge they need to aid in the security and safety of our community. By continuing to expand the outreach programs we already have in place, as well as finding new and innovative ways of reaching our citizens through technology, we are primed to do great things together.

We are blessed to have great men and women already serving in the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. I have been especially impressed by the young talent. I have no doubt that through the tutelage and leadership of our veteran deputies, the tenacity of our younger deputies and my vision, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office will be the standard of excellence for years to come.

Unity, vision and transparency will be the keys to our success!


Eric J. Wilson

Your Future Sheriff